​​​​​Betty Crocker

​Lecture exploring who Betty Crocker was and how she changed the way we cook

Nancy Drew

A new lecture on the history of America's favorite teen sleuth

Midcentury Cuisine

A nostalgic look back at the food fads that changed how we eat in the 1950s-60s

Midcentury Cuisine [lecture]

imagine having a talk with someone from the past ...


Imagine having a conversation with a celebrated First Lady, a survivor of the Titanic disaster, or an aviation pioneer. Or delving deep into the story of a renowned department store or legendary film.

I give voice to stories from the past. As entertaining as they are educational, these programs bring history alive in a fun, inspiring and educational way.

Think History's Boring? Think again

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Lizzie Borden

Meet the woman accused of killing her parents with a hatchet in 1892

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It's my life's work to bring memorable women from the past alive and to tell historical stories so that lessons from the past are more meaningful and powerful.

Nancy Drew [lecture]

Betty Crocker and Her Cookbook That Changed How America Cooks [lecture]

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