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Leslie Goddard

History Lectures and
Living History Portrayals

History comes alive in the talented hands of historian Leslie Goddard, Ph.D., who tells fascinating stories and creates vivid portraits of some of history's most memorable women.

All programs are

-- Approximately 45-50 minutes long

-- Based on meticulous research using primary sources including journals, speeches, newspapers, autobiographies, and personal writings.

-- As inspirational and educational as they are entertaining and fun.

Each programs uses a combination of hands-on artifacts, period photographs, and historic illustrations

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NEW FOR 2016!


She was an All-American basketball player, an Olympic medalist in track and field, and a championship golfer who won 82 amateur and professional golf tournaments. Leslie Goddard portrays the funny, tough-minded and fearless "Babe" as she reflects on her rise from poor Texas roots to all-sport champion.  A great way to celebrate physical fitness,  women athletes, and the 2016 Olympics.

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The Original Tupperware Party Lady

Brownie Wise propelled Tupperware to skyrocketing success in the 1950s. In this living-history program, Leslie Goddard portrays Wise as she tells the story of her rise from a divorced mother selling cleaning supplies at home parties to Vice-President of Tupperware Home Parties.

The Tupperware Home Parties she pioneered remain the gold standard for home party selling.

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The Woman Who Launched the Environmental Movement

Biologist and author Rachel Carson awakened the world to the potentially dire environmental impact of chemical pesticides in her best-selling 1962 book, Silent Spring. In this living-history program, set in 1962, Carson shares stories of her life, including the love for the living world that her mother encouraged, her discovery of a passion for writing, and her work to awaken the world to beauty and fragility of nature. 

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Want to book this program for your own organization? You can find contact information, HERE.

NEW! Video Clips
BRAND NEW! The first episode in the "Ask a First Lady" video series is now up, starring Eleanor Roosevelt!

To see "Ask a First Lady" with Eleanor Roosevelt, click here.

And if you'd like to see what a program is like, here are links to several videos
To see a clip from Amelia Earhart, click here.
To see a clip from Eleanor Roosevelt, click here.

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