Leslie Goddard

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It's my life's work to bring memorable women from the past alive and to tell historical stories so that lessons from the past are more meaningful and powerful.

Think History's Boring? Think again

Route 66

A new lecture exploring America's iconic road linking Chicago to L.A.

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Who Was Typhoid Mary?

​A lecture about the Irish cook who changed what we know about viruses

Who Was Typhoid Mary? [lecture]

Bringing History

                        to life...

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Betty Crocker and Her Cookbook That Changed How America Cooks [lecture]

Remembering Route 66 [lecture]

imagine having a talk with someone from the past ...


Imagine having a conversation with a celebrated First Lady, a survivor of the Titanic disaster, or an aviation pioneer. Or delving deep into the story of a renowned department store or legendary film.

I give voice to stories from the past. As entertaining as they are educational, these programs bring history alive in a fun, inspiring and educational way.

​​​​​Betty Crocker

​Lecture exploring who Betty Crocker was and how she changed the way we cook