Debuts September 2023

It is 1969, and Lilly Pulitzer is transforming fashion with her boldly patterned shift dresses. BIn this new costumed portrayal, Leslie Goddard brings to life the celebrated entrepreneur, fashion designer and socialite. Learn what inspired this free-spirited socialite to launch a line of tropical dresses that became synonymous with resort living.

Julia Child

Eleanor Roosevelt

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Brownie Wise: The Original Tupperware Lady

Meet the legendary cookbook author, television star and champion of French cooking in this portrayal as she discusses everything from her relationship with her husband Paul Child to the mishaps of cooking on television. Bon Appetit!

In this historical portrayal, you'll learn about the real-life experiences of stewardesses for Pan Am in the 1960s. Learn about the strict height, weight and age requirements, about cooking gourmet meals, about the celebrity passengers --  and about enduring some wild rides.

*** NEW!!! Pan Am Betty

Lady Bird Johnson

First Lady from 1963-1969, she was also a shrewd businesswoman and strong advocate for beautifying America

Georgia O'Keeffe

Meet the acclaimed modern artist at her home in New Mexico in 1949

Jacqueline Kennedy

Former First Lady, mother and champion of the arts and historic preservation​. Set in 1964


Rachel Carson

The environmental writer, marine biologist and author of Silent Spring (1962)

Requirements for any living-history portrayal program:

Saleswoman Brownie Wise made Tupperware a household name in the 1950s. Meet the woman who rose from a single mother to head of Tupperware Home Parties and transformed plasticware into a multi-million-dollar business.

NEW! Now available

Amelia Earhart

How did Eleanor Roosevelt grow from a shy orphan into a confident, driven champion of human rights? Meet America's longest serving First Lady in this program, set in 1946, as she grapples with the question of what do with her life after the White House.

  • Open space of about 7 X 10 feet (or so) for performing
  • Microphone (lapel preferred), if you think it's needed or desirable

It is 1937 and Amelia Earhart is already internationally renowned for such achievements as being the first woman to cross the Atlantic Ocean in an airplane (1928) and the first woman to pilot herself across the Atlantic by plane (1932). Now she is attempting a flight around the world.

*** NEW!!! Lilly Pulitzer